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Here’s what we are all about and what makes us unique…


We want to go above and beyond your average online store. We enjoy creating unique product combinations for our customers. We strive to provide gifts that you wouldn’t normally see in your mall or on other online stores. Some ideas and inspirations come from our customers because of the wonderful relationships we have with our APAC community. 

Why did we call it “Your APAC”?  We put “Your” in the store name because it’s all about YOU

We appreciate product requests that YOU LIKE to make, creating a store personalized for you/our friends in this community.  We will look for the best price and best quality items possible.  But most of all, unique items.

APAC stands for Always Promoting and Consulting, LLC.  We are always promoting new products to our customers along with consulting our business customers with many different services we provide to help make their purchases a smart and profitable one. 

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a part of creating a new trend?  The more special and unique we can create something for you, the more fun it is to use, give or receive.   

Example of inspirations:  People who love construction, Lego’s perhaps?  or love to fidget.  Creative minds have been known to fidget with toys when coming up with their best ideas.  Or be the most popular person because you made the boardroom meetings more fun and upbeat.  Kids love it too.  So enjoy coffee, water or milk in your new puzzle mug.  Therefore, this is the perfect product for you, your family and friends:








We just want to find the best of the best product ideas for you and anyone else who visits our site.  We really want to create a family/community of friends that feel welcome every time they visit us. Our goal is to bring products you love to use or enjoy but also to make you stand out from the rest.  

What do we look for?

aWe research the top products and bring them to you all in one place.  There are a plethora of category ideas to choose from.






aWe look for unique gift items to make your gift giving event a memorable one.  We are searching for unique products worldwide as to not limit us in one specific country.  A lot of time and effort goes into our research.






aWe look for products to make your life a little easier.  Handy gadgets are very popular.










aWe look for products with good quality and in high demand at a very affordable price.  Many of them have 10,000-80,000 individual items sold.  Wow! That’s when we know these products are really good and others enjoy them. 






aWe look for 4+ star ratings on products… and a lot of them!  We want to make sure what you are buying has good reviews and provides great service.





We thank you very much for shopping with a top-notch, reliable company to help you with your online shopping experience.  We are always promoting new ideas for our customers and constantly providing new products for you to choose from.  We consider customers like you, our friends, in our community.  Join our community of friends by following us on the social media outlets listed below.  

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