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Here’s what we are all about and what makes us unique…


We are Always Promoting and Consulting an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle.


What makes us unique from other online stores, is we are using many of the products we promote in our own homes. It’s important we test and share our experiences with you and to make sure it’s a product worth purchasing.

It’s important to look for ways to help your lifestyle run more smoothly and efficiently by using products that have been tested to accomplish this.


What does it mean to live an Eco-friendly Lifestyle?



An eco-friendly lifestyle means living a life that is environmentally friendly where everyone works towards protecting and conserving nature and polluting less while reducing the carbon footprint. … We should be ready to recycle and conserve water and fuel and look at reducing the carbon footprint.  Resource from Brik-O-lite




Our APAC team has done a lot of research on this subject for many years. It was time to share the products and knowledge we found useful with the APAC Community.

Team APAC continues to look for the latest, greatest innovative products to share with you on a daily basis. We don’t want to miss a beat on what’s new and trendy.

We want to go above and beyond your average online store. Our team enjoys creating unique product combinations for you to use or for gifting.


This APAC Community is a team



If you have other items you would like to see on our website, you can send a message on the Contact Us page.

We strive to provide gifts that you wouldn’t normally see in your mall or in other online stores. Some ideas and inspirations come from our customers. We value the wonderful relationships we have with our APAC community.


Why did we call it “Your APAC”?


We put “Your” in the store name because it’s all about YOU.

We appreciate product requests that YOU LIKE to make, creating a store personalized for you/our friends in this community.  We will look for the best price and best quality items possible.  But most of all, unique items.

APAC stands for our business name; “Always Promoting and Consulting, LLC.  We are always promoting new products to our customers along with consulting our business customers with many different services we provide to help make their purchases smart and profitable.

Being incorporated was important to us, so our customers can see how serious we are about this business and how dedicated we are to being your #1 resource for finding eco-friendly products for you and your home.


Let’s join together and improve our quality of living.



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